Collection: Black matt color

Introducing the Skinner Innovation Wireless Pen.

Experience precision and ingenuity with the Skinner Innovation Wireless Pen. This revolutionary tool empowers you with control, convenience, and innovation, crafted to elevate your skills.

Our technology adapts to adjust your machine according to your level of experience. If you are a beginner, the machine won't allow you to damage the skin thanks to an adaptive mode. If you are an advanced tattoo artist and know how to work on the skin there is an advanced mode, which allows you to unleash the full power of the motor which will automatically adapt its frequency, depending on the skin resistance.

Navigating settings on the intuitive digital OLED display is now easy. The voltage could be fine-tuned from 5 to 13V with a 0.1V increment.

Choose a stroke from 2 options 3.5 OR 4.5mm, and enjoy product versatility with Skinner Innovation.

The machine is equipped with an interchangeable battery that offers up to 8 hours of use, USB-C fully charged in 2 hours.

Voltage: 5-13 Volts | RPM: from 3700 up to 10 800.

The products are designed in France.


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